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LAT Sat. 2/13 Mark Diehl


A puzzle with so few blocks takes a great Diehl of effort to construct.

Art that requires a folder    ORIGAMI [I was thinking manila, etc.]
High holy man?    LAMA [he's from Tibet which is mountainous]
Deal busters, at times    [EGOS]
Parts of feet    LITTLETOES [I was thinking metrical feet, not my feet.  Wonder if this is the first ever use of this body part in an Xword.]

Some nitpicking:
METIME is a bit too New Age for me.
Southern address    YOUALL [it's really "y'all."  The clue might better be "Plural address redundancy."]

I failed to solve this one.  I didn't know ETICKETRIDE or ANILINE or Auvers-sur-OISE, and they impact each other.  I guessed OEST, ANILENE, and TTICKETRIDE.  Wouldn't be so bad, but I know the river OISE --- just didn't think of it.  And sur means "on" so where did I get OEST from?


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