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LAT Thu. 2/11 Nancy Salomon


A Lovely Puzzle [but you must look for it (l-o-v-e)]

Run at a red light?   IDLE
Jeans joint   SEAM
Bridge position    HELM [of course I thought card game]
Burn balm    ALOE [think I went to school with Ira Burnbalm]
Stevenson physician    JEKYLL  [I thought a M.A.S.H. character]
Tee choices    XLS [extra-large tee shirts, but I thought golf]
Course for weavers?    SLALOM [naturally I though warps, etc.]

If DRAMEDY means a serious-and-funny show, would a show that is both tragic and comic (tragicomedy) be a "tramedy?"

Would "Baseball Hall of Famer Speaker" be better if "Famer" were "Fame" without the -r?

I think WHOS for Grinch victims is a good clue, but I don't know for sure never having seen the Grinch movie(s).  Too old.


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