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LAT Sun. 2/7 Dan Naddor


There's just no SUBstitute for cleverness.
Sylvester, to Tweety   TAT [not knitting]
It may be held at lunchtime   MAYO
Something to save for a rainy day   PONCHO
Navel buildup    LINT [not naval]
Nile biter    ASP [not nail biter]
Staples staples, briefly    PCS
Iron target    CREASE [I thought golf, not clothes iron]
Theme entries:
Sensational sapphire, say    SUBLIMESTONE
Early 1600's threat to the English throne?    KINGJAMESSUBVERSION
What a white flag indicates?    COMBATSUBMISSION
Inferior salad dressing ingredient?   SUBSTANDARDOIL

That, in Tijuana   ESO ["Eso Beso"]

BNAI crossed with ELAL crossed with OHARAS crossed with MCNAMARA


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