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ASANEEL: publishable?


I'm trying to rework some fill  in a puzzle with AS AN EEL (clues as [Kind of slippery?]) as the most questionable entry. I thought it might be seen as a clever entry, but it could also be seen as sub-par. Maybe the clue could be better, or maybe I should just scrap it? I'm interested in hearing what others might think about it. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


SLIPPERY AS AN EEL would be great. However, AS AN EEL is a 7 letter partial and it will never fly.

ASANEEL has appeared in at least one published puzzle -- but not among the top tier of publishers.  NYT likes partials to be 5 letters or shorter (sometime 6 letters in tough circumstances).  LAT allows partials to be 6 letters or shorter (sometimes 7 letters, but I'm not sure whether this has changed).  I think some other venues may allow an occasional 7-letter partial. 

As a general rule, I would try to rework a region that contains a 7-letter partial.
-Joe Krozel


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