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LAT Thu. 2/4 James Sajdak


It's gnus to the lions   PREY
Curly poker?   MOE
Curly group?   STOOGES
Cuernavaca crowd?    TRES
Doesn't put anything away for awhile?    FASTS
Pressing need?   IRON [oldie but goodie]
Examiners of boxers?   VETS

I also liked the idea of repeating, in addition to the Curly clues:
Prohibition action    RAID
Prohibition ___    ERA
I would have, had I thought of it, clued DRINK with "Prohibition prohibition."  Though "Manhattan" is a good clue.

Today's theme, the Milne quote, was a clever gem: DID YOU EVER STOP TO THINK AND FORGET TO START AGAIN.  Being able to do so would be "a consummation devoutly to be wished."


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