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LAT Sat. 1/23 Robert H. Wolfe


Cellbound?    INPRISON
Back on the water   ASTERN
Arm holder?   HOLSTER
Helpless?    SOLO
Welk's upbeat    ATWO [a blast from the past --- how did it occur to Robert to clue this answer?]

Dia de San Valentin sentiment   TEAMO [I'd have gone with the cigar brand]

The three 15-letter answers are considered truisms, but...
YOUCANTWINEMALL [you really can, depending on your opponent, and Rocky Marciano won them all]
WHATSDONEISDONE [it can also be undone, like a knot, a death sentence, or a marriage]
ITSAFREECOUNTRY [right! except for taxes and seatbelt laws ...]


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