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LAT Sun. 1/17 Don Gagliardo


Cockney aspiration?   OPE
Choose paper over plastic?    PAYCASH [Choose made it harder than Use would have been]
Like any theme ans. in this puzzle    ACR [I was thinking car, etc.]
Survey taker: Abbr.   RESP [I was mind stuck on the surveyor, not the surveyed]
Shoots for dinner    ASPARAGUS
Ashpalt layer, perhaps    ROADBASE [I was thinking the doer, not the done]

The two-car theme was most original, and to get nine of them in the grid must have been a chore.  I have no interest in car models today, but advertising certainly works since I had heard of them all.
I particularly liked:
Beethoven's 32... for SONATALEGACY
Feature of the Queen's English for REGALACCENT

I have a particular affinity for 6-Across.  Of course, I'm neither a sorcerer nor ancient, though I am fast approaching the latter.  Thanks, Don.


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