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LAT Fri. 1/15 Jack McInturff


Acted like a rat   SANG [mixing slang of generations]
Pre-bedtime fare    NEWS [I was thinking snacks or reading]
Cost of freedom?    BAIL
Mean business    EVIL
Strip lighter    NEON [Las Vegas Strip]
Caterpillar's creation    TENT [I thought big machines, but it's the lothesome nests that spawn the leaf-chewing insects]
Hot Christmas staple   YULELOG [I thought toddies, etc.]
They have highs and lows    TIDES [not bipolars, elevators, or yo-yo's]
THEME: "He gone!" [Hawk Harrelson's dumb call after a strikeout]
Like fingerpainters?   YOUNGATART [Actually there was a "Young at Art" contest in New York City when I was a child.  I won a medal before it became apparent that the judges were too precipitous in judging my watercolors ability.]

Sans___: carefree   SOUCA
Alencon's department   ORNE [In English we have the expression cottage orne, which were in the Victorian style --- I think.


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