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LAT Thu. 1/14 Ed Sessa


Male delivery    SON
Bakery worker with a gun    ICER
Rear admiral's rear    AFT
Talking a blue streak?   PROFANE [editors used blue pencils to censor profanity; so, a blue streak could be a string of profane words]
Brest friend    AMIE [I know, it's foreign, but it's a goodie because it's easy to misread Brest, the place, for best, the adjective]

Ovine words hidden in long answers: EWE  LAMB  RAM

Some tough sports entries from the 1970's were ILIE, NAMATH, and FRED.  ENOS was from the '40-50's, whom I admit to having seen play.

I played baseball at college with a catcher named Mario Sessa whose parents, as well as mine, came from BARI.  Could it be...?


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