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LAT Wed. 1/13 Dan Naddor


CD players    DJS
40% of fifty   EFFS [the word fifty has 2 f's which amounts to 40% of the total letters]
"It's a trick, but tell me"   ILLBITE
Subject of contemplation?   NAVEL [it's an oldish expresion, probably from the '60's]
Theme: words which go with DEFENSE ---
THISISINSANITY [the insanity defense which happens sometimes to be insanity itself]
NOFLYZONE [which is really a sort of defense]
NOTETOSELF [which is a defense against forgetting]

Crossing ARP with AWN:  I may have known about Arp without Xwords, but I doubt I ever read arn, at least such that I would remember the word.  But I have no doubt most cruciverbalists put these words in without a thought.


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