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LAT Tue. 1/12 Allan E. Parrish


Bathroom hangers   TOWELS

Sad to say I have no idea who Picard is (I know it's a French area in the north), so I don't know TROI --- probably a person but not necessarily.

Today's 3-entry theme seems a rhyming of ease, but the real theme is sports.  I count nine sports references:
MCENROE of tennis
DAVIDORTIZ of baseball
TDS for football touchdowns
"Top pitchers"   ACES [baseball]
"Pitcher's pinpoint control, say"   ASSET [baseball]
"Martial ___"   ARTS [fighting]
"Corrida competitor"   TORO [bullfighting]
NATS of baseball
Sportscaster Scully   VIN [baseball]

FYI, Picard was a character in the TV show Star Trek The Next Generation.  Troi was another character on the show.

I think the theme was tease / tees / tiz.

Thanks for the info on Star Trek which gained popularity after I had stopped watching commercial TV.  I had been, however, a blackbelt Twilight Zone fan.

I think we agree that the de jure theme was words rhyming with "ease."  I suggested that the de facto theme was sports.


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