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LAT Sun. 1/10 Nora Pearlstone


South side?    GRITS [side order in Dixie]
Legend creator  ACURA [I thought actors not cars]
Eye shadow?    SHINER
Daze of wine and roses?    STUPOR [not Days of...]
Pens and needles    STYLI
Lays down the lawn    SODS [a single n makes all the difference]
Boxer's warning   GRR [dog, that is]
THEME features intrusive DO, from the NIKE motto "Just do it," and apparently their spokesman took it to heart.
Hair stylist's blunder?    GOOFEDUPDO
What a jerk?    HESONEDOOFUS ["We have seen the enemy and he is us."]
Bringin' up a crime boss portrayer?    RAISINBRANDO [note the apostrophe]
Monday morning quarterbacking:
Jonah's problem for WHALE might better have been "Jonah's ___ of a problem?"
Alley wanderer for STRAYCAT might better have been "The Stones' ___ Blues."


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