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LAT Sat. 1/9 Brad Wilber


One makig a brief contribution?    PARALEGAL [note brief, and I like the notion of a para's usual limited contribution.]
One who refuses to take an oath?   CENSOR [take = accept or approve]
Sub builder?   DELI [oldie but goodie --- love to see same clue without question mark for NAVY]
It may be at the end of the line    FLY [fishing line]
Where you might se a cop aim a gun    SPEEDTRAP [radar gun]
Big headed?    SUDSY [as in beer]

Infinitive with a circumflex    ETRE [upside down v over the first E is a circumflex and the French word means "to be" {infinitive form}]

Guess with foreign text needed in these puzzles today, this writing program ought to include an international alphabet, including l'accent ague; l'accent grave; cedilla, umlaut, dieresis, macron...


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