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LAT Fri. 1/8 Dan Naddor


High tech unit    BYTE  [I was thinking IPOD, etc.]
Toot consequence    HANGOVER [I thought trains or cars]
Lee side, Abbr.    CSA [I was thinking boats, not generals]
Much more than tickle    SLAY [or "kill" are comedians' term for making audience laugh]
Hardly a miniature gulf    ABYSS [I though ACABA --- liked the pun]
Baseball card stat    DOB [tricky, usually its ERA or RBI]
Call during a toss   CATCH [I thought heads or tails]

Theme: Change P to M
CRAMPEDFOREXAMS = Crammed for exams
HAMPERLOCK = Hammerlock

Don't know who SHEMP is but I feel I should.

Shemp: Three Stooges.

I wish LAT would space the Nador puzzles out a little more so they last longer.



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