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Author Topic: LAT Sat. 1/2 Bob Peoples  (Read 2414 times)


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LAT Sat. 1/2 Bob Peoples
« on: January 02, 2010, 10:15:31 AM »
Where it's at    VENUE [don't hear that phrase much any more, thankfully]
Locks out of a store?    HAIRPIECES
Gliders at home, perhaps    GLASSDOORS [I thought baseball]
Image adjusters    PRFIRMS [public relations, not camera lenses or mirrors]

They travel great distances to get here     ETS [I was unaware that anyone has ever produced an extra terrestrial. Until then, the clue should have at least a question mark, or should read: Some believe they travel...."  I still liked the entry, though.

Hedged reply   IBELIEVESO [I don't feel it's a hedge since it states clearly that one does not know something with certitude but believes it to be so.  To hedge means to qualify to allow for multiple answers or avoid rigid commitment.  I see that as somewhat different from believing something to be so. "Is Albany the capital of New York?"  "I believe so."
Hedge:  "Will the Yanks repeat?  "I believe so, if they get the pitching."
I'd prefer the clue read: "Uncertain reply."


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