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Passing of a treasured constructor: Dan Naddor

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With great sadness it has been circulated that Dan Naddor has passed away.  Condolences to his family and friends.

     Dan was my favorite constructor and we had exchanged a number of emails some months back in which he said he was ill and was at times disspirited, but he was most open and enjoyed teasing me about my being a Yankees fan --- he liked Baltimore.  Despite his illness, he managed to make a great many puzzles, always with clever themes and always among the best.  I will miss them and his wit.
     My condolences to his family and to crosswords enthusiasts across the nation.


Eric Maddy:
Services will be held in Orange County next Thursday (January 7).

Details at

Thanks, Eric.

I learned of this at 11:00PM Jan 31st of a year most of us would like to forget.  Word is there are still several of his puzzles forthcoming in the LAT this year.


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