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LAT Sun. 12/7 Silk & Peterson


Capital of Slovakia?    ESS [I always get fooled on these!]
Players    CAST [actors were "players" 400 years ago and then in early movies]
Something that may help you get the picture    CAPTION [ get = understand]
PUNCHANDJUDYLINES ["punch lines" --- and the phrase makes sense on its own]

Piece of cake   SNAP [I'd add to clue "or cookie."]

Alleged Soviet spy Hiss    ALGER [He was actually convicted, but some, as is usually the case, did not agree with the jury.]

Approved   OKED [I thought it was spelled OK'd]

 :( a bit of nitpicking:
Implicit warning   ORELSE [The warning is explicit; what that warning will turn out to be may be implicit depending on context.  Bad guy with gun says, "Don't move, or else."  I'd say that was an explicit warning.  The warning implies being shot.]


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