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LAT Sat. 12/26 Michael Wiesenberg


Miss out?   DEB
They precede mis   RES [on the music scale --- not legalese for a welcome change]

I know "deo volente" but not DEO gratias, which seems a Latin phrase not normally used in English.

Speaking about foreign language, "Dirndl" just doesn't come up much, or ever, in my reading, nor does BLIN, which I was lucky to guess because it sounds like blintz, which I recalled from my Brooklyn boyhood. [Crossing BLIN and BODICE (from Dirndl) is a bit unsporting.]

I think I'm glad never to have seen or even heard of The Tarnished Angels though it would've helped me solve this thing faster.

It appears I studied the wrong pantheons.  Instead of Grecian and Roman, I should have spent more time on Star Wars.  Am I the only one who would fail to identify YODA from his/her/its picture?  Forget any quotations --- today's sounds like it came from Vince Lombardi.


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