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LAT Christmas Dan Naddor


Mayo is in it    ANO [May is in a year.  I know it's Spanish, but it's a good one.  And we use Cinco de Mayo if not ano.]
Restaurant row?    SCENE [row = tiff ---"Don't make a scene!"]
They can fix slips    ERASERS [I thought dock workers]
Buster?    NARC [note question mark: MACK could not be correct]
King preceder    ALA [wasn't thinking food]
Bldgs. with boxes    POS [Post Office boxes, that is.  I kept thinking boxy skyscrapers.]
Bum    REAR [Chiefly British, it's still a good one, and it's in English.]
Square up with actor Jack    PAYPALANCE [intrusive -ance]

I hope the spirit of peace and love that is the true Christmas rises in all of us: religious, non-religious, believers, and non-believers.

ANO appears in a lot of puzzles but the Spanish word for "year" is spelled "año." In all my many decades of solving crosswords, I have seen only one puzzle that included the tilde, the diacritical mark over the N which changes the pronunciation from "en" to "enye." In Spanish, N and Ñ are different letters. And in that one puzzle, there were eight words---four intersecting pairs---that included an Ñ.

If I hadn't responded to this five-year-old post, I would have missed that nice Christmas wish. We should keep that wish every day.


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