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LAT Sun. 12/20 Alan Arbesfeld


Drops by Niagara Falls?   MIST
Unsavory pair of options   EVILS [lesser of two ...]
Convertible, maybe    SOFA [are they still called convertibles?  I thought cars]
Old Italian bread?    LIRA [not crusty]
Major in astronomy?    URSA
Gives pieces to    ARMS [for cops and robbers]
Bud's bud    LOU [Bud Abbott & Lou Costello]
Nickname heard in Manhattan   SUNFLOWER [Kansas, that is: the Sunflower State]
Ones who can barely be seen?   NUDES
Reading in a disorderly class?  RIOTACT [Where is it published and by whom?]
Queens stadium    ASHE [tennis this time, not baseball]
Seeded   RANKED [speaking about tennis...]
1961 #1 hit for Dion...    RUNAROUNDSUE [SU begins long answers and E ends them; hence SUE --- pretty clever, eh?]

Noodle    BEAN [wonder how many other body parts are referred to by foods]

Never, in Nuremburg   NIE [Never in Xwords.  Why not Natl. Inst. of Education?]



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