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LAT Fri. 12/18 Dan Naddor


At risk of being lost in a hard drive failure   UNSAVED
Source of heir cuts?   WILL
Intrusive ry theme:
Armed guard?   SENTRYPACKING
Custom of dessert chefs?    PASTRYPRACTICES

APU?  Not having ever seen The Simpsons , I often find myself at a disadvantage as a solver.  Was/is that show so good?  (I also have never seen the Star Trek series.)  My daughter would say I'm lame ... if she were a character on The Simpsons.

 >:( (Another peccadillo of mine, I'm sure)
BCE (Before the Common Era) in some circles has replaced BC (Before Christ).  I can almost understand why secularists and PC academics eschew any unnecessary reference to Jesus, but how did these delicate souls arrive at "Common Era"?  What made the time before Christ "uncommon"?  Does that suggest the time after Christ is common?  I suppose BCE is closer to BC then would be, say, BJS (Before the Jewish Schism, which they would likely have preferred.)


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