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Author Topic: LAT Sun. 12/13 Joon Pahk  (Read 2170 times)


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LAT Sun. 12/13 Joon Pahk
« on: December 13, 2009, 11:34:46 AM »
Wet floor?    SEABED
Farm team    OXEN
Reading material for some?    LIPS
Source of some '60's trips   LSD [its effects were called acid trips]
Joltless joes?    DECAFS [Joltin' Joe DiMaggio + coffee (joe)]
More than that   THOSE

Ocho minus uno    SIETE [if Spanish is a must, why not menos?]
Spanish pronoun    ESTAS [no me gusto]

Floor, in France   ETAGE [I believe it's also English, 2-syllables]

Was MARLENA really a 4 Seasons hit?

Speaking of neolgizing (98 Down), OURN or ADOZE come "purty near."


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