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LAT Fri. 12/11 Mark Feldman


Today's was a "double cross word."
Some dashes   EMS [I thought races]
Group with a lot of hits?   MOB [I thought MLB]
Series opener?    ESS
Gray topic    ANATOMY [as in Gray's Anatomy; would "gray area" be better?]
You might make one with a Hamilton Beach DrinkMaster   MALT [iconic blender; hard to get malts today]

Hot times in Paris   ETES
It's reserved for ones in a pool    HOVLANES  [high occupancy vehicle lanes are reserved for any car with 3 passengers --- perhaps a family]

Sporty opus:

Court smash
Series opener?
Baseball coups...
Ivy League nickname 
Match unit [SET]
They can be offensive [liNEMEN]


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