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Author Topic: LAT Thu. 12/10 Dan Naddor  (Read 2147 times)


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LAT Thu. 12/10 Dan Naddor
« on: December 10, 2009, 09:34:31 AM »
Rock blaster?     AMP
Call to a mate    AHOY
Greek house?     FRAT
Chill pill target   STRESS

I like "Frere de la mere" because of its assonance, but ONLCE is not used in our language.  I'd go with a popular old movie in this country Mon Oncle by the French Jacques Tati.

Today's "exceptional" theme doesn't match the expected exceptional Naddor work.  Some answers that seem to have been shorn of interesting clues:  MOOSE, FOR, FLUTE, LATIN.

Often misquoted from Tennyson's "Charge of the Light Brigade" are the words "Ours is not to question why..."  Actually, the poet does not say "our is" or "ours" but "Theirs not to question why."  Don't ask me why I know this.

(Another famous quote misquoted all the time is "Hoist on his own petard," wherein the speaker thinks a petar(d) is a flagpole or mast.  Petar is Elizabethan for bomb, hoist meant blown up, and the quote is "... hoist by his own petar."

"A little learning is a dangerous thing.
Drink deep or taste not the Pierian Spring."
                                                 --- Pope

I suppose most of us just sipped at that spring, unlike Alexander Pope who must have managed deep draughts. 


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