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LAT Tue. 12/8 Timothy L. Meaker


The theme answer is reserved until the last entry, and that's fun.  But with its absence of clever clues, this puzzle has a cast of being "phoned" in.

SHEBOP?  Is that the feminine of hebop; singular of theybop?  Can it be done alone, and if so, would it be Ibop.  (Webop sounds like more fun.)
Or maybe it's like "Shaboom" only later. "Hey, nonny ding dong..." [song's too old, I know]

Eric Maddy:
By way of clarification, I'll offer the chorus to "She Bop":

She bop - he bop - a - we bop
I bop - you bop - a - they bop
be bop - be bop - a - lu - she bop
Oo - oo - she - do - she bop - she bop


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