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Author Topic: LAT Sun. 12/6 Dan Naddor  (Read 1890 times)


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LAT Sun. 12/6 Dan Naddor
« on: December 06, 2009, 12:58:15 PM »
Go for the bronze?    TAN
House-warming presence?   GASHEAT [note hyphen and final -ence]
Bush tour    SAFARI [I thought George]
Building blocks   ADOBES [literally]
Contest in which you try to get your opponent on your side    TUGOFWAR [never thought of it that way]
It paves the way    TAR
Prime letters?    USDA [prime meat, that is]
Comedy first baseman   WHO ["Who's on first" Abbott & Costello routine]
It's read often at conventions    NAMETAG [I was thinking speech]
Really big show    EXPO [Ed Sullivan's continual promise]

Lesser of two evils, metaphorically for FRYINGPAN is not quite right.  "Out of the frying pan and into the fire" suggests being no better off for the change.  The frying pan is not a lesser evil than the fire; you're cooked either way. 
Casa chamber    SALA [SALA is the first "word" of the Disney song "Bibbidi Bobbedi Boo" from Cinderella]
That, in Toledo   ESO [I think there was a recent hit song called "Eso Besso"]

Ad man theme was fun: find the firm's name in a message it might advertise.  Hidden are:
El Al


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