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Can't save Across Lite puzzles in Firefox.

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Box pops up: "Cannot write to file. Check disc." I'm new to Firefox. Any solution?

It seems like the downloading issues have been solved for most if not all browsers, so I'm surprised to see this. I use Firefox and have no problems at all. Is it possible that you're completely out of disk space? Also, are you able to download in IE?

Kevin. Thanks for the reply. Just switched to Firefox. Never had a problem saving with IE. Lots of disc space(99 gigs). Running XP. I posted to the Firefox forum also.
I can download and solve, just can't save.

Oh, can't save. I'm wondering id it's a permissions issue.

Permission seems to be the logical sticking point. But which one and where? Not a five-alarm fire but I do like to save recent puzzles. I'm a habitual solver so it helps to know where I've been lately. Thanks for the help.


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