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LAT Sat. 12/5 Kyle Dolan


Timely theme coming on the heels of the East Anglian e-mail scandal...

Little shot?   PIC
It covers all the bases    TARP [given the newsy theme, maybe TARP should refer to govt. money]
What it takes    TWO

Thor Heyerdahl craft   RAI [First thought was Kon Tiki but remembered he first sailed Ra I, named after the sungod {there was also Ra II}]

Glad I got to learn the name for the Punjabi long-grain rice I always eat.

Like a butterfly in water? seems like the clue calls for a noun, maybe an adjective.    The butterfly is a swimming stroke, the name of an action (a noun), and SWUM is a past participle (a verb), so I don't get it.  As it stands, SWUM needs to precede the clue to make sense.  How would "Like an angry bee" be for STUNG?

Trattoria order?    MANGIA [I don't think the Italian is common enough in our language to be appropriate, but if it were, isn't it the
Italian mother cajoling her family to eat rather than a restaurant employee?]
(Bologna bridge for PONTE, also Italain, is used in many place names and so is appropriate.)


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