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LAT Sun. 11/29 Peter Wentz


Parchment?    THIRST
Sick feeling on campus?    QUADNAUSEAM [Theme "QU" before ordinary expression giving the new phrase a peculiar meaning.  I liked them all, but this one is the best because it suggests so much.]

I am certain I have never come across the "ick factor." Sounds like Valley Girl speak dreampt up by some terribly hip TV writers.  Same for "unlax," which sounds like a mild laxative.

Why is "Like single-digit temps" not clued as an abbreviation?  Temps can be temperatures or temporary workers.

Portugese "she"    ELA

Single digit temps, as in workers with only one finger?

I thought the same thing when I wrote it --- and it doesn't get any better if the digits refer to I.Q. points.


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