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LAT Thu. 11/26 Lila Cherry


Turkey?    FRIDAYSSANDWICH [Turkey theme]
Fast traveler, at times    RUMOR [I was thinking jets and hares]

I understand that FROWCHY is a New York word, and though I grew up there, it's a new one on me.  So, embarrassingly, is DOH, which I never saw in print.  Duh is what I know, but had I been a reader of cartoons, I would have known better.

:)On this day I am mindful of the thanks I owe to the constructors and editors at the LAT who provide me with a stimulating lift for the start of my day, every day, all year long.  The financial rewards are lacking, to be sure, but constructors no doubt recognize that their work provides a great deal of pleasure to a great many.  This flourishing webste is evidence of only a fraction of the people who are entertained and enlightened daily by some of the most nimble and resourceful verbal minds in the nation.  I am thankful for and to them. :)


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