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LAT Fri. 11/20 Michael Blake


ADDLE (65 Across) means to mix up, but today it has an extra meaning because it explains the theme: add le to a normal phrase and get something different.  But one has to break the word ADDLE into syllables in order to get the meaning.  Very clever!  I don't believe I have seen a theme wrapped up in one word that did not denote the attendant theme.  I particularly liked LEONTELEVISION and LEASHWEDNESDAY.

Also fun were:
It's often left in the copier: Abbr.    ORIG
Mountain ride    BIKE
Lover's sweet talk?    NOTHINGS [as in the idiom "whisper sweet nothings"]

I don't know why when I read "He played Ugarte in 'Casablanca'" my spirits lifted.    I was also glad to be reminded of the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel: "The Last Judgment" flashed into my mind's eye.  Can mere references to art be so powerful?


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