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LAT Sun. 11/1 Robert W. Harris


One at a brayer meeting?    ASS
Key to getting out of trouble   ESC [though it doesn't seem to work these days in Windows]
Jalapeno feature   TILDE
What the heirs split    ESTATE [perhaps after lawyers split hairs]
Hanging on by a thread   SEWN
Identity crises?   AMNESIAS [plural of crisis is crises]
Theme entries [remove OW]:
Including Monopoly money in a trousseau?   DOWRYHUMOR
Rollerblading partner of movie camera pioneer Bell?    HOWELLONWHEELS [incongruous moving picture]

As a friend, to Fifi    ENAMI [not only is this a French idiom, it is crossed with the arcane OBEAH]

Robert refers to Ted Williams' number 9, which I remember; Nick & Nora's dog, which I remember; and Ursula Andress in Dr. No, whom I fondly remember.  Wonder how old Robert is and if he's a Boston fan.


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