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LAT Thu. 10/29 Don Gagliardo


"___'nuff!"    SHO [instaed of the usual Showtime clue]
Minnesota twins?   ENS
Snootiness    AIRS [instead of tunes or broadcasts]
Columbus's home    OHIO [I was thinking the explorer's home: NINA or BOAT or some town]
Rub the wrong away   ERASE [I first misread away for way --- Don is sho'nuff sly]

Great server   ACER  [As stated here before --- and obviously unread, ignored, or forgotten --- no one uses the term that way; but Acer is a large maker of computers.]

Don is obviously too clever for me.  I don't get the literal shoebox in "each four-square puzzle corner."  Am I looking at the right words: ESSO, EONS, OTOE, ESSE?  L.A. Crossword Confidential (an excellent deconstruction site) will no doubt explain when they post later on this morning.


The four boxes in the corners have the letters SHOE.

Thanks, Rick.  I must have been confused by "four-square puzzle corners."  Perhaps if it said simply "the four puzzle corners" I might have gotten it.  Maybe not.


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