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LAT Sat. 10/24 Thomas Heilman


They may end with 27-Down    OTS [Overtimes, that is, which can be ended by TDS (touchdowns)]
Connecting flights    STAIRS [may need a question mark]
Lab caretaker?   VET

This grid with so few blocks must have been very challenging to create, but more interest for the solver could have been effected by changing:
Fountain beverage for SODA to Kind of jerk
Veneration for RESPECT to Aretha hit
Tennis unit for SET to ___of teeth, tires, or trains

While this puzzle was not difficult, there was much I did not know, but because of good clue management, difficult words were crossed by easier ones, I could arrive at the solution.  What I did not know:
Jolly Corks were ELKS
Mobutu Sese SEKO
TACOMA is in Pierce County
NIA Vardalos
Kung PAO chicken
ORNE River [I should know this]
OUSE River [ditto]


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