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LAT Sun. 10/18 Alan Arbesfeld


Creature that divides to multiply    AMOEBA
Take pieces from?   DISARM ["piece" is toughguy for gun]
Horseplay sounds?    SNORTS [from real horses]
Canine coat?    ENAMEL [that's canine teeth]
It's bad to be behind them    BARS
Crude cartel    OPEC
White house?    IGLOO
Whaler's direction    THAR [as in "thar she blow"]
All done, in Verdun    FINI [assonance is fun, and "fini" is seen in movies, etc.]

Lunes y martes, e.g.    DIAS
French school   ECOLE
Berlin conjunction   UND
Arlington's state: Abbr.    VIRG

"Turner on screen" for LANA could be Screen Turner.
"Banks of basebll" for ERNIE could be Baseball Banks.
"John with a colorful wardrobe" for ELTON could be English John.


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