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LAT Tue. 9/29 Dan Naddor


This is the first Naddor puzzle I'v seen bereft of any clever clues.  Given the resourcefulness of finding COFFEEANDDONUTS, SOUPANDSANDWICH, MEATANDPOTATOES, and BEERANDPRETZELS --- each 15 letters long --- it seems a shame that there is nothing clever or creative in the cluing.  I suspect it is an editorial decision to make the puzzles easier, especially at the beginning of the week, but as I've tried to show, especially over the past week or so, creative cluing does not necessarily increase the difficulty level.

Suggestions for easy but a bit more imaginative cluing:
Change the usual Fluffy stoles for BOAS to Big snakes.
Change the tired Ancient for OLD to "New lamps for ___": Arabian Nights.
Change the obvious Start of many letters for DEAR to Mate's name, sometimes.


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