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LAT Sun. 9/20 Gentry & Fleming


Flies over Africa?    TSETSES
Star responsible for eclipsing Venus?    SERENA [Williams, her sister]
Ready to be driven    TEEDUP [wasn't thinking golf]
Spoke like Don Corleone   RASPED [Brando role]
Green targets    HOLES [still wasn't thinking golf]
Elec. letters   ACDC
"Cool!"   AWESOME [I guess awesome could also be hot.]

It starts with enero    ANO [If ANO is the answer, the clue should be "Empeza con enero."]
Kindness smile   SWEETASHONEY [The clue seems a description more than a substitution or answer.  Would giraffe be a good clue for tall?]
Annual major golf tournaments played in August, familiarly   PGAS [Aren't PGA tounaments, some of which are majors, played all year round?]


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