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LAT Sun. 9/13 Pamela Amick Klawitter



Site of a bread line?   BAKERY [good ones, at any rate]
Specter on the Hill    ARLEN [but not for long]
Gets the lead out?   MINES
Hood's weapon?   ARROW [that is Robin Hood]
"If at first you don't succeed" course of action   PLANB
Keep getting Mad, say   RENEW [note capital M]
Long time follower?   NOSEE

What I liked so much about the theme entries is that the colors appear in order of the spectrum.

I also enjoyed the juxtaposition at 111 & 112 Down:

"Get Smart" evil agency   KAOS
Thornfield Hall governess   EYRE

We are expected to know the culture of TV as well as literature.


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