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LAT Sun. 9/6 Pancho Harrison


Good Ones!

Tuscan red   CHIANTI [I was thinking color, not wine]
They hang together   PALS [I was thinking execution]

I never realized that Kazan directed films of so many literary pieces.

What do the following entries have in common?

Mine, in Marseille   AMOI
Cold, to Carlos   FRIO
Un + deux   TROIS
Some, in Seville   UNAS
Orly lander   AVION
Suisse range   ALPES
Sp. title   SRA

These are great IF you know several other languages other than the one the puzzle is written in. Too hard!  ???

I thought they have Euros in common.  :D

I'm not sure these entries are too hard for Sunday solvers; my feeling is more aesthetic: how many unrelated foreign terms, in this case seven, should a solver expect to see in a puzzle?  Some might argue that many foreign terms in a puzzle is to be expected as the world shrinks and we become more multicultural.  Others may feel that using foreign terms adds to a constructor's lexicon and so makes puzzles both easier to make and more enjoyable to solve.   As stated here before, only common, well-used foreign terms and expressions should be used in English Xwords.  :)


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