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LAT Sun. 8/30 Dan Naddor


   Hard as it may be to believe, Dan has outdone himself with this gem.  "Organ Transplants" deals with four organs: heart, ear, eye, and brain.
   In the first theme entry we get FELTCONDOLENCES ("Pool hall 'Better luck next time'?"), but the "heart" is missing.  Where did it go?  It was an organ transplant and can be found in the last theme entry JAILHEARTBREAKS ("Sorrows behind bars"), where the "heart" intrudes in the term jailbreaks.
   Ear is transplanted from SPLITTINGNOISE to DOGEARTRAINING; eye from OHIOSTATEBUCKS to FORTYEYELASHES; and brain from STORMINGSESSION to GRANDBRAINCHILD.  And they are in order!  That is, ear is missing in the second theme clue and is found in the second to last theme clue, and so on.

   And if that's not enough, Dan gives us some good ones:
Distribution slips   MISDEALS
Hardly hardly   ATON
Chorus line   ALTO [on sheet music]
Wild place?   WEST
Delhi wrap   SARI [not salami]
Dandy dude?   JIM

I was wondering just yesterday what wine was mentioned in the Hungarian national anthem.

Also yesterday when my wife and I were dancing at the NAS concert, I had no idea we were in a MOSHPIT.

Being an ex-New Yorker, I can relate to the IRT and SCHLEP, but I pity my neighbors here in the Bible Belt struggling with these Big Apple terms and their people: Woody Allen [directed ZELIG] and Yoko Ono.   

Though a resident of the bible belt myself, I, too, was familiar with the word "Schlep".
How come? ;D

I have a sneaky suspicion you are a transplant.   8)

Well call me a monkey's uncle - or a magician's daughter! You are right, I AM a transplant! :-*


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