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LAT Sat. 8/29 Michael Wiesenberg


It is truly a "consummation devoutly to be wished" to see Xwords that refer to literature, the fine arts, and music.  It seems in the last twenty years or so Xwords have foregone references to the classical arts in favor of pop culture.  So be it.  But I think there is room for both as this puzzle demonstrates.

On the arts side we have:
"___conusummation devoutly to be wished": Hamlet
1876 Twain hero
Incedulous dying words
When Ovid's "Ars Amatoria" is...published
"Silent Spring" subj.
Flaubert heroine
Czech composer Josef

On the pop culture side we have:
Barry who played Lt. Gerard...
Notable show biz sisters
"The Crying Game" actor
Woodman's make-up    [from The Wizard of Oz movie (or book)]

And we get references to the computer age:
Hi-tech battler
Small program with a browser interface

For good measure, there are some good ones:
Longevity    LEGS
Hot spot    TEA [as in the very British "spot of tea"]

 ??? Help:  I don't know what is "Colonial" about paying debts INKIND.


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