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LAT Thu. 8/27 Don Gagliardo


In many areas, there is a certain sense of satisfaction derived from the matching of form and function.  So it is with this puzzle. 

The theme of phrases containing US currency (ones, fives, and tens) also employs the rarer two-dollar bill.  While the phrases of the first three denominations are neutral, the phrase containing the fourth is not:  TERRIBLETWOS.  Now what makes this puzzle particularly ingenius is that  the disruptive TERRIBLETWOS, which parents can attest is disruptive of their homes, actually disrupts the symmetry of the crossword grid.  Thus, the form of the grid reflects the meaning of the key entry which informs it.

If this were not enough, Don gives us

Swinger in a box    HITTER [in the batter's box]
Go-go go-between?   TEAM [as in "go, team, go"]
Ancient septet    WONDERS [Seven Wonders of the World]
High time?    NOON


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