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LAT Tue. 8/26 Dan Naddor



Bar code?   LAW
Drops on the grass    DEW
Whopper toppers    ONIONS [not bigger liars]
What chambers of commerce do...    COURTBUSINESS [theme answer]

Not being one, I have only a vicarious knowledge of the term "hunk."  I believe it means a physically attractive male, not GOB (for "good ol' boy"), which has nothing to do with appearance.  GOB is also an abbreviation while hunk is not.

Eric Maddy:
GOB is a word beyond being an abbreviation, and it is this sense it is employed in this puzzle:

    * Main Entry: 1gob
    * Pronunciation: \ˈg

Thanks for cluing me in.  I should have thought of it: hunk means "a great deal" as does gob(s). 


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