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LAT Sun. 8/16 Mike Peluso



Hole in the head    SINUS
Queen's neighbor    BISHOP [in chess]
Visa user    DEBTOR [I use Visa but never thought of myself that way]
"C'est magnifique"   OOLALA ["C'est magnifique" is a song with the lyric, "Ooolala c'est magnifique."]

Less good was "What spies often lead" for DOUBLELIFE, which should be singular to agree with LIFE ["What a spy often leads].

I counted 7 baseball references, an increasingly popular subject these days, but it is "to pile OSSA [Mike's word] on Pelion" to include 9 French entries:
Toulouse evening for SOIR
"Le Roi d'Ys" composer for LALO
ILEDE France
Spirit in le ciel for ANGE
Marseilles crowd for TROIS
Romain de Tirtoff, famously for ERTE
"C'est magnifique" for OOLALA


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