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LAT Fri. 8/14 Dan Naddor



Davenport site    IOWA [I was thinking sofas]
Slip cover    DRESS
Long sentence   LIFE [I was thinking prose]
Bandit one hopes to take money from?    SLOT [that is "one-armed bandit"]
Pick up    NEATEN [didn't think of it that way]
Euphoria at Pebble Beach?   PACIFICCOASTHIGH [theme entry]
Plum, e.g.: Abbr.    PROF [hope you had a Clue --- game]

Okay, Lash LaRue again?  Can't be a coincidence; it's a plot to pave the way for Tom Mix entries.

Constructors are always using the Texan Odessa, and I always think it's Russian.  How many exposures to that trick do I need before I become wise to it?  They also use Rome, Troy, and Athens.

I'll bet Dan had a different clue for BROADSHOW, but "No way"; more modest heads prevaled.


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