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Author Topic: LAT Sun, 3/18 John Lampkin  (Read 1347 times)


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LAT Sun, 3/18 John Lampkin
« on: March 18, 2012, 09:55:14 AM »
Good Title: How to Finish This Puzzle

Good Ones:
Start to finish, e.g.?   ANTONYM
Inspired mixture   AIR
Where glasses may be raised   OPERA [I thought tavern,etc.]
Manage moguls   SKI [not the businessmen]
Hall of talk   ARSENIO [remember when he said he would bury Leno?]
Theme: who perseveres and how
Perservere, like a frequent flier?   CARRYON
Perservere, like a lightning rod installer?   STANDYOURGROUND
Perservere, like a museum curator?   HANGINTHERE
Perservere, like a boxing promoter?   PUTUPAGOODFIGHT

Who knew?:
UNI is a college in Australia --- I have trouble with initialisms of our colleges --- and what's wrong with UNI-ball pens, etc.?
MIES van der Rohe is an architect
India.ARIE is a soul singer
OSH is a city in Kygystan [what’s wrong with OSHKosh?]

Some Nits to Pick:

By the Way:
I would have liked this puzzle even more if it weren’t for the arcane references and foreign words.  But I nevertheless enjoyed its cleverness.

RATING:   ;D ;D ;D Three grins = Loved it; Two grins = Enjoyed it; One grin = A bit bland for my taste; One teardrop = Not much fun
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