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LAT Sun. 8/9 Edgar Fontaine



Autograph site   CAST
Dead center?   TOMB
13 for Al, e.g.   ATNO [atomic number for aluminium]
Christian name?    DIOR
Lizard's habitat?   LOUNGE [lounge lizard is an old term for ladies man]
High roller?    SEMI [tractor trailer]
Theme entries:
Daredevil writer?    HANGGLIDERWELLS [makes an hilarious picture]
Explosive blues singer?    BIGBANGKING

There were five baseball entries, and some were tough if you're not a fan:
Florida Marlins uniforms color    Teal
Campanella of Ebbets Field fame    ROY [great 1950's catcher]
Keep out of the lineup    REST
"God Bless America" inning   SEVENTH [maybe only at Yankee Stadium]
Big ___: baseball's David Ortiz    PAPI [made headlines recently for steroids]

Eric Maddy:
OK, enlighten a non-Yankee fan -- do they play God Bless America instead of Take Me Out To The Ball Game in the Bronx?

Yes, and you sound like a Cubs fan.

Eric Maddy:
Actually, I'm an Angel fan, but I wasn't aware that major league teams played anything other than Take Me Out To The Ball Game during the seventh-inning stretch.

The Yankees never played anything during the seventh inning break, but when the World Trade towers were destroyed, the team decided that doing something patriotic was called for.  They picked Kate Smith's version of "God Bless America."  I do not believe any other American League team does so.

I am an inveterate Yankee fan as my father grew up in the Stadium's shadow.  Though I live in NC, I get to see every game thanks to satellite TV.
And I'm afraid of the Angels.


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