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Author Topic: LAT Sat. 8/8 Gail Grabowski  (Read 2463 times)


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LAT Sat. 8/8 Gail Grabowski
« on: August 08, 2009, 10:16:35 AM »

Simple life?    AMOEBA
Focus group?   CAMERACREW
Washington address    MISTERPRESIDENT
Carnival ride?   CRUISE
Bk. reviewers?    CPAS
It's cut and dried    HAY
Means of support    EASEL

This puzzle was tough for me, and I enjoyed it.  Some clues that I struggled with were:

Balances, e.g.: Abbr.    AMTS [amounts is so general it was tough to link with balances, which are specific (remains)]
Byword    ADAGE [I don't think of a "byword" as a wise saying (which it was once) but a phase associated with someone.]
Receipt   CHIT [I think of a chit as an IOU, not as something received.]
Symbols of thinness    DIMES [I thought REEDS.  "Thin as a dime" is a simile, and the dime seems more a comaparison than a symbol.]
Kara Kum features   DUNES [I didn't know the place.]
Bug-loving org.    NSA [I thought CIA.]
Seasonal hrs.    EDT [I thought DST because EDT is specific.]
Movie nerd, e.g.    STEREOTYPE [I'm not sure I have a mental picture of a movie nerd.  Do they have pocket protectors and thick glasses?]
"Freestyle" performer, perhaps   RAPPER [Didn't know there was such an animal --- swimmers and skaters I heard of.]
Pacers and Rangers   EDSELS [I didn't know Edsels had models.  I was thinking pro teams or autos.]

RE: "Half an incomparable mixture" for APPLES, a good entry by the way, I don't like the expression "comparing apples and oranges" to disparage a comaparison.  They are fruits, after all, and certainly could be and are compared. 


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