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LAT Fri. 8/7 Gareth Bain


There were three good ones today:
Key not used by itself    CTRL [computer key, that is]
Mike holders   MCS [Emcees hold microphones: note abbr.]
"Hope ___ good breakfast": Bacon    ISA [his name is apt]

But on Friday I hope for more, like:
ALOE   Boo boo aid [in keeping with BOOBOOSTER]
EMBER  "And each separate dying ___ wrought its ghost..."  [Poe's "The Raven"]
SONINLAW   Daughter's ex-beau, maybe
IRS   Irksome org.?   
ATOP  Where the Yanks now sit in the AL East
ROTH   IRA or a Jewish writer
STEP   Pas de deux
YOOHOO   "Yogi Berra's favorite drink" [1960's ad]
NOR   Post Office connection ["Neither rain nor snow..."]
IDA   "I would have," quickly
OGEE   Curved router bit


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