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LAT Tue. 8/4 Kristian House


There are four everyday expressions which refer to baseball, and they comprise today's theme.  "Bleacherites, e.g." for FANS and "Fanatic's feeling" for ZEAL also appear.  Now traditionally, editors eschew puzzles which contain several words from one specific subject, and that may be because a solver unfamiliar with the subject, say astronomy, would be at a loss for too many answsers.

However, when puzzles are particularly easy, and if the subject is popular and the clues not too challenging, I suggest the tradition be put aside.  I believe this puzzle would be more fun if it featured an "extended theme."  For example, with the popular subject of baseball, it might be fun to see the following clues with no change in the grid's answers:

BRAWL   "Baseball melee"
HAT   "Part of a centerfielder's uniform"
IN AIR   "Where to find a pop fly?"
LEMON   "Citric Hall of Famer, Bob?" [maybe not]
CAM   "'Slo-mo' instrument"
ONE A   "What's on an Astro's cap"

AYER is a Spanish word that is not generally used in English.


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